Tarmac Jumps!

Made a quick tracktest with mate Fantuzzi today, which ended in a very fast tarmac Rally event! At the end of the day Fantuzzi couldn't resist to take out his Lancia 037, which had to take the same jumps as the other rally cars. Due to bad light conditions this is the only photo which shows more than a red/blue/white ghost


Rallye Köln-Ahrweiler Youngtimer trophy

Here are some pics of a nearby historic Rally event featuring yome very nice cars. The special thing was that the first two special stages were night races which you don't see in todays WRC any more. Man, those headlight lamps are bright! The pictures don't do the event justice (it's not easy to take pictures of fast cars in the dark with an old photocamera).



if you are easily offended !! These pictures do not show anything vintage, no bronze bushings, no mechanical speed controller, no camlocks, no 3-speed gearbox, aluminium chassis and not even a single Tamiya!!!! Just an afternoon of powerful WRC Rally action on our most preferred track (note the environment)! Pics were taken by my dad (who is new to R/C photography), hope you like it.


Emsland Meeting Part 3

Here are some more great action pics of my Scorcher taken by VinTom at our last meeting! Enjoy.


Emsland Meeting Part 2

Some more pics from last weekend. Participants were: Dirk (Fantuzzi), Detlef (Chief.Geronimo), Kai (Supergreg), Jörg (2-words-a-day-must-be-enough), Tom (Vintom), Vince (Vintom jr.) All photos courtesy of Chief.Geronimo


Year's best weekend!

This weekend we had a 2-days meeting on a bathing lake in northern Germany. Playing 2 days in the sand and water with SRBs, 3-speeders, back-flipping electric MTs and the pure fun Wavesharks was incredible. The following photos should only serve as an appetizer, hoping that the others come up with real action pics. Enjoying the full service catering of the site owner, highlighted that weekend even more!

Emsland Meeting

Here's my part of the pics from our great 2-day R/C trip loaded with fun and action! This time I concentrated on driving that's why I didn't take pics from all cars and races. There were also boats driven, but I didn't take any pictures of these at all. Maybe the others will follow and probably some video footage will be available soon. Hope you like it anyway (even if not all pics show Tamiya cars)!


Dark Impact (blue) & Laser ZX-5 (red)

Some pics from todays run at local track with mate Funtuzzi!


Cen Waveshark fighting North Sea

Just came back from a short holiday trip to Belgium, where I tested my Waveshark under tough conditions in the waves of North Sea! I think this was most fun possible you can have with that vessel (except from putting more and more wavesharks next to it ). It even dives into the waves after huge jumps and comes up again with no problem! Hope you get the idea how much fun it was.


The Unknown Stuntman

All footage in this movie was taken by my girlfriend 'The unknown R/C photographer' soon to be known as 'The unknown R/C Cameragirl' ;)! She used my little digital photocamera so the picture might by a little shaky sometimes, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Does the tune sound familiar?


And again: A Rally meeting!

Some more pics from todays Rally meeting showing more of the track layout and surrounding. It was a great (and dusty) day and it was a pleasure to meet again.


Eifel-Rally historic with girlfriend

Well, what can I say... lucky me! Not only got a girlfriend who likes R/Cs, but even has her own one now! You probably already saw the static pictures in my showroom and today was it's first rollout!

We combined this first run with a short trip to an area called Eifel, because every summer there's an event showing historic rally cars in action. Unfortunatly we will have to wait until August, so we have much time to spend time with R/Cs . Together with lunch in a restaurant nearby it was one of the sundays I really, really like!

Audi Quattro: Carson shell on TB-01 with some hopups
Lancia Delta: Tamiya shell on TB Evolution I Rally conversion


Tartan Rally Bochum

Non of us wanted to soil his rally car today. So not to leave you without the weekly Rally update Skol_68, Supergreg and me visited technical_burb in Bochum for a rally competition on a soccer field with a rubber-like surface. It was really good fun, even if the photos are a bit dull.