traditional post-X-mas rally run

How do you know that new years day is comming? Right, Rally Team NRW is on it's traditional post-X-mas rally run. Pictures by Donald of Team NRW.


The last real Impreza

Here's a post from mate Fantuzzi: I couldn't resist to buy this very nice Impreza 07 body. It comes together with a light set, ESC, wheels and tyres for a bargain price. A TT01 body support is included as well. The body sits on a HPI Racing Sport II chassis.


Kyosho Ultima RB5

This is my new 2WD racer for winter carpet season. As usual painted in Supergreg team colours :). It's upgraded with AE turnbuckles, titanium screws and hopup motor plate.


Juha Kankkunen 1997

This is the defloration of my beautiful Ford Escort WRC shell, so it's turned into a runner now. As usual the shell sits on my favourite chassis, a HPI RS4 Rally (narrow). I loooove Cossies!


Cologne tarmac stage

Due to bad weather we decided to move our rally meeting to a dry location. We set up a tarmac stage including a small jump, a launch pad and lots of flying corner markers. The cool meeting made a bad day turn into great fun full of insane speed action, crazy jumps and bad crashes. The light conditions were far from perfect so I didn't get many good action pics, but I hope you like the rest. Cars driven were all HPI: Sport 1, Sport 2 & Rally.


Köttbullar Rally tracktest

Preparation for next weekend :)


HPI RS4 MT at Amrum beach

No Tamiya here, but a few shots of my HPI MT on the beach at sunset that came out very nice, so I thought I'd better share with you. There was no space on the memory stick left so these four were all I could get. Top pic is my favourite.


WRC 2007 Germany

Had a fantastic weekend at WRC Rally Germany 2007. I made it to several special stages including the new Super Special 'Circus Maximus' located in the heart of Trier. There was also a special event for fans of historic Rally cars. Please take a look at my pictures of WRCs, Group N & Super 1600, Historic cars 1 and Historic cars 2


yet another offroad track day

Had another great day at my most preferred local track at RCRT Duisburg, Germany. Due to my new hot brushless setup I lost some teeth in the gears, but in the end I came in 2nd (my best result ever and it made me smile way back home on highway). Greetings to all combattants! It was a lovely day.


another offroad track day

Sometimes quick decisions prove to be right in the end: We headed to our favourite local track with the risk of ending up in rain, but it stayed dry all day so we had some good fun at RCRT Duisburg, Germany.


Offroad club race at RCRT Duisburg

Here are some impressions of todays club race with mates Chief_Geronimo and Fantuzzi. None of the pics was taken by me, so all credit goes to their respective owners. There's a slight chance you will find me on the pics *grin*.


Kyosho Lazer ZX-5

This is my new club racer. What a fine piece of machinery right out of the box. I just had to replace the silly philips screws by proper hexagon socket screws. I once again went for supergreg team paintscheme :) Hope you like it!


Emsland Jam 2007

We had our annual R/C meeting in Emsland, Gemany this weekend: 3 days full of fun on the beach! Please note that unfortunately I did not take pictures of all cars and all races. As you can see in the group shot, there were very many cars and boats around (65 in total). Here's my second set of photos showing people and funny scenes: I was simply too busy to drive to take pics of all events, but here are more pics from the other guys: Technical.Burp, Fantuzzi, Greenman - Wavesharks and Greenman - Wild Willys.


CEN Waveshark - r/c Jetski

This a video taken last summer at our favourite boat location in Duisburg. The Waveshark has an upgraded drivetrain powered by 12 cells, a 750 Viper Neodym motor and a Mimir ESC.


Offroad race day at local club

Me and mate Fantuzzi made it to a race event at a local club and tried to compete the modern 2WD monsters with our old HPI RS4 4WD trucks. Even if race management allowed us to start with a not class conform vehicle, not all of the opponents were too impressed. But it was one of the days with a steep learning curve for all participants. Due to excellent wheater it was great fun and kinda 'relaxed' day. In the end I made it to A finals finishing 7th and Fantuzzi came in 9th due to multiple damages and breakdowns in qualifying.


track day with the mates

Some pics from another beautiful day at a local track with mates Fantuzzi and Skol_68. Cars driven are our HPI RS4 Monstertrucks on the offroad track and Fantuzzi had a quick test run with his HPI RS4 Sport2 (Citroen Xsara WRC).


Gravel track

Here are some more pics from my last meeting with Fantuzzi and Technical.Burp. All pictures taken by Technical.Burp. Mini: M03 / EVO 6: HPI RS4 Rally / EVO 7: TB01 / Focus: HPI RS4 Rally


My new club racer

Believe it or not: This is the new shell for my club racer which I finished some time ago. It's a Citroen Xsara WRC on Tamiya TB Evolution IV chassis. Somehow all my projects end up as rally cars! The metallic blue/white colours will be my standard paintscheme for runners from now on.


Trip to RC-Glashaus (Hamburg, Germany)

Being on a weekend holiday trip to north Germany (Hamburg) I couldn`t resist to make short excursion to an R/C track in this area. 'RC-Glashaus' combines many kinds of tracks under one roof. Unfortunately there was a fair nearby which made the tracks appear almost empty. But on the positive side there was much room to talk to some guys including the one with the tiny custom made TA02 crawler you can see in the pics.


New shell for my HPI RS4 MT

This is my high performance 4WD truck, a HPI RS4 MT. Unfortunately these cars are out of production, but they are still available from the bay. This car is a great allround vehicle for most situations: tarmac tracks, dirt tracks, offroad bashing and anything where a Buggy cannot go. The whole car concept is truely amazing (4wd dual belt drive, inner body, slipper clutch, etc. etc.) and the material is of usual high HPI quality standards. It's still a great alternative to modern 2wd trucks. I made it to A finals on last weekend indoor fun cup! All I needed was a new shell and here's the result of a 2-day paintjob.


H-ORE Langenfeld video

Here's a video from last weekend. All footage taken by Chief.Geronimo, all editing by Fantuzzi. In Monster class you can see me (the dark blue one with chrome wheels). Look for the one upside down ;) Enjoy!


Langenfeld Indoor Offroad Funcup 18.02.07

Whew, what a day today! I made it to my first competitive cup with my newly acquired HPI RS4 MT and two mates Fantuzzi and Chief.Geronimo in Modified Monster class. We were all quite sure that all effort made will be pointless against those semi-professional racers with better equipment and more skills, but it ended not so bad at all! At the end of the day we were exhausted as if we performed a marathon, but left location with a big big smile in our faces. All hurdles had to be taken from fried escs to completely wrong car setups and hours of disassemble-assemble work, but hey it was worth it: it was tons and tons of fun!! That's how it ended on paper: 8th (me), 9th (Fantuzzi) and 14th (Chief_Geronimo)


Happy Birthday Dirk Solberg!

Unfortunately we couldn't provide a real car, but hey: Who knows what you already got in your garage at home? ;) Happy birthday mate!


New track layout at Racers Paradise

There's a new track layout at Racers Paradise (Erftstadt), which I took a few photos of. A friend already told me about the very special thing, which I had never seen before on an indoor carpet track: a steep turn!! At first glance it looks a little rough and bumpy, but maybe just right for some indoor rally racing (not to mention 1:18 fun). I will check out very soon!



This video features Fantuzzi's beautiful PT-15 torpedo boat, which is a blast to drive and a joy to watch. The video was recorded with my digital photocamera last summer. Hope you like the tune!


Tarmac rally with unfortunate end

Went out for a quick tarmac run today with Jannik, a friends son who is quite new to R/C but already highly addicted! After some battery packs with great fun on our preferred tarmac track, Jannik decided to have a go close to the nearby turf. Well... as you can see in last pics down, not all chunks of topsoil revealed as what they appeared to be....


Tartan Rally

Some footage from todays track test. If you're looking for the best mixture of grip and drift, take your rally car and visit a tartan track!


Gr.B, Gr.A and WRC on one track!

Had another great day out with the mates. Even the Audi Pikes Peak was driven fast and got away (almost) undamaged. It makes a great sight on track and I hope to see it again!